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Filtration for Beer, Wine, Alcohol & Water

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FILTRATION is the art of removing haze and yeast without removing the vital colour and flavour which gives wine or beer its character.

BREWING:  Initially beer is left to allow the yeast to settle to the bottom of the fermentation vessel. When the majority of the yeast has cleared this is called 'dropped bright'.  A beer which is then  filtered is 'stable' or it has had all the yeast removed which results in the carbonating being done under pressure of C02.  A beer which is bottle conditioned (naturally carbonated by fermentation) has the yeast still present in the beer.

WINEMAKING:   In  wine making procedures, after fermentation the yeast is allowed to clear and settle out and the wine is racked off the settled sediments into a clean container...this racking process is repeated over a period of time,  until no more sediment is forming.   Filtration is then undertaken to give the wine its final perfect clarity. 

There is an excellent range of fining and clarifying products which can be used to further enhance the clearing process.  Once the beer or wine is suitably clear and free of major hazes and yeast,  then the final polishing through a filter system will achieve sparkling results.

ALCOHOL:  A range of activated carbon products is available for purifying alcohol.

WATER:  The beginning of all great beer and wine