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Mead Making

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The quality of the honey is one of the first considerations when making mead. In general, a lighter honey yields a lighter coloured and more refined mead, and a dark honey a more robust, richer coloured mead. Choosing which honey to use is a matter of personal taste. There will be variations in the amount of sugar, minerals and vitamins between honeys.

The basic ingredient for any mead is honey, yeast and water,  though there can be many variations when other ingredients are added like spices, herbs and fruit.

Some important tips on successful mead making

1. Yeast requires nutrients that are not available in honey itself. The addition of nutrients like Lallemands Fermaid A nutrient is ideal for mead making. If it is likely that your mead recipe is going to produce high alcohol, then using Fermaid GOFERM protect will assist  the yeast to complete fermentation.

2. Always pitch a good quality yeast strain recommended for mead  to ensure a healthy and quick fermentation.

3.  Yeast requires an adequate supply of oxygen in the initial early stage of fermentation. (first 12 hours).  After that oxygen should be restricted during the fermentation process...always ferment with an airlock.

If you would like to learn more on the whole mead making process the book 'The Complete Meadmaker, by Ken Schramm is a mine of information and is highly recommended.


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