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Winemaking Ingredients

We stock all the necessary ingredients to make your home wine making venture a success

Whether you decide to embark on winemaking from Concentrated grape juices,  fresh grapes, or the country winemaking method  from an abundance of fresh fruit, there are many essential additives  including yeast, acids, enzymes, and nutrients that are required to ensure your winemaking is successful.



WineXpert  CLASSIC  Wine making kits  (9 grape varieties to choose from)

WineXpert RESERVE Premium Wine making kits (10 grape varieties to choose from)


WineXpert Island Mist Fruit Wines and Sangrias (6 varieties to choose from)


 drinkART wine making grape concentrates (Australian grown grapes) 

Wine Yeast Strains  Zymaflore Lallemand, Enoferm, Lalvin, SIHA Begerow,  Mangrove jack's

Acids Aids, Enzymes  & Nutrients     Lalvin Go ferm, Fermaid nutrient, tannins, acids, enzymes

Oak Chips and Barrels

Winemaking Equipment