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Enolmatic Vacuum bottle filling machine


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The ' Enolmatic' is a semi automatic bottling system, having all the features of a large scale professional bottling machine at a fraction of the cost.

  • Filling bottles at a rate of 5 seconds per bottle via a VACUUM pump all air is eliminated in the bottle and throughout the entire process.

  • At a rate of 250 bottles per hour, the Enolmatic is a great value for large domestic or small winery bottling needs. Shown here with tandem filterOne of the great features of the Enolmatic is that it can draw wine (or whatever you are bottling) from a demijohn or barrel up to 13 feet (4 meters) below the Enolmatic Filter.

    • A one way flow valve prevents back flow and filling speed can be adjusted by merely turning a knob

    • The enolmatic fills every bottle exactly to the desired level selected and no more.

  • The Enolmatic bottling system can handle a large range of bottle sizes of varying heights. It can also be purchased with different heads and accessory kits which enables

    • bottling into Jars,

    • bottling edible oils

    • bottling thick juices such as tomato

    • transferring to and from demijohns

    • also suitable for many cosmetic products