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The Best Handcrafted Whiskey starts with the Best Ingredients

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This page is dedicated to information and products associated with Whiskey making

Please note that the distillation of alcohol is not legal in all countries, and you should make known to yourself the legal position. The following information is for general discussion and not an invitation to break the law.

The process of making whiskey can be defined in 7 stages: Below is a summary of the process involved. 

 Malting: The process of preparing fresh grain through three stages of the malting process......steeping, germination and drying, each stage offers unique flavors ,colors and functionality and is skilfully done by a professional malthouse. Grains already Malted can be purchased  ready by the home brewer/distiller.

Grinding: The process of grinding the malted grain through a mill into a 'grist'..similar to that of beer making. 

Mashing: Also known as sugaring or converting which is a process of converting starch to sugars resulting in a "wort". This is done at set temperatures. 

Separating the Wort: Once sugar conversion is complete the grains are separated from the liquid through a filter, or false bottom at the base of the mash tun, or through a filter bag. 

Fermenting: A quality yeast suitable for grain fermentation is pitched and the wort fermented. 

Distilling: The separating of the alcohol from the wort. Every run through the still, or alembic, increases the purity of the alcohol. 

How many rounds of distillation take place depends on what end result you are after. Traditionally Scotch whiskey is distilled twice and Irish whiskey is distilled three times.

Maturation: Finally the clear whiskey is matured in oak casks, which is what gives it the aroma, flavor and colour. The ageing process also mellows the whiskey.

 ALTERNATIVE METHOD:  for making Whiskey includes distilling a sugar wash to produce a neutral white alcohol (vodka)  and flavouring that with any one of the huge range of whiskey flavouring or essences.