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Apple Cider

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If your apple trees are abundantly full of apples,  the process  of making your own cider would offer rewarding results.

Pick your apples at their ripest and choose only good sound clean fruit. 

If you have a seasonal abundance of apples, then having the right equipment on hand is essential. If you have dedicated cider making equipment you should get about 10 litres of apple juice from approximately 15-20kg of good quality fruit. Equipment required includes an apple crusher, that will break down the apple flesh, and a good quality press to force out  the maximum amount of juice.  While this initial outlay of equipment costs is expensive, you will be rewarded year after year with having great equipment..most of which is built so well that it will last generations.

If you just want to make a very small quantity of cider, say 5 or 10 litres, you may be able to make do with household kitchen equipment  that will slice the apples....however pressing out  the free run juice is always difficult with small scale bench presses, most of which are sample grape presses only and will not handle the pressure required to press the juice from apples.    A  T  Bar or ratchet press is desirable, one made of solid steel.   Avoid small grape or soft fruit 'sample'  bench top presses..they simply won't handle the pressure required for apples. 

If  you don't  want the expense of purchasing  dedicated apple processing equipment then all is not lost...........there is an excellent range of cider concentrate packs that are easy to make without the expense  cider equipement.