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Winemaking Equipment

There is an impressive range of winemaking equipment available for the home winemaker, all of which will  enhance your results and improve your chances of making very good wine.

One of the simplest ways to embark on your new hobby is to buy a winemaking kit, which will contain the essential equipment to start making wine in a smaller quantity from fruit or concentrates while you learn the processes involved. Wine kits are available from 5 litres up to 30 litres and offer an inexpensive entry into the winemaking hobby.

Our equipment range is extensive and caters to the amateur and small commercial boutique style winery.

Wine making Kits  including Port, mead and cider kits

Fermenting Equipment  fermenters, glass demijohns, stainless steel fermetners

Corking Tools,  hand corkers, floor model corkers, bench top corkers

Corks, bottles and seals  natural, agglomerate & composite corks, port corks, zork still and SPK, Nova twist capsules

Heat Shrink Capsulars

grape presses  bench top presses, floor model Italian imported presses

Grape crushers & Destemmers  manual and electric for  fruit, apple and grape

Syphons & Pumps   Colombo-Rover food grade pumps, electric pumps, filter pads and cartridges

Bottling equipment, Enolmatic vacuum bottle filling equpment and accessories

Filtration and Clarifying   Buon vino filter unit, Filter pads, gravity filters, Colomba-Rover filter units with pump.

Test Equipment  ph testers, refractometers, thermometers, test papers, hydrometers,