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About Us

Our Beginnings:

The beginnings of Bett-A-Brew Beer and Winemaking Supplies started out in a retail shop in Chirn Park on the Gold Coast in 1976 and to this day we are delighted to see many familiar faces from as far back as then still calling in. Today our retail store is located at 12-16 Tonga Place,  Parkwood on the Gold Coast, Queensland,  where personal shoppers are welcome.

Our Philosophy

We've been passionate about carving a niche and supplying innovative equipment and quality ingredients to home brewers and winemakers. We don't claim to be experts, we are always learning and we are open to change and new ideas.

Our Achievements

Manufacturing our own range of beer packs has not caused us to take an insular approach, and as a result, we've brought many firsts to the Australian market with imports from afar afield as the USA, Germany, Sweden, Canada and Italy.

Some of our more notable and interesting imports include;

  • Fermenator Conical stainless steel fermenters from U.S.A first in Australia
  • Boilermaker brew pots from U.S.A first in Australia
    Blichmann brewing products..first in Australia
  • Tap-A-Draft beverage kegs from U.S.A first in Australia
  • Amazing Still from Sweden. first in Australia
  • Distillaton equipment and accessories from Widder laboratories, Germany. first in Australia
  • Buon Vino wine and beer filtration systems from Canada.first in Australia
  • Wine making equipment from Italy
  • Prestige liqueur and spirit essences and turbo yeast from Sweden. first in Australia (since 1980)
Products and Companies we endorse:

We are also stockists for the following notable ingredients:

  • Lallemand, Danstar, Lalvin, Fermentis and SIHA Begerow (Germany) beer and pure dried wine yeast cultures.
  • Whitelabs U.S.A liquid yeast cultures
  • Weyermann German malt grains
  • Gladfield NZ malt grains
  • Joe White malt grains
  • Barret Burston malt grains
  • Bestmalz Heidelberg malt grains
  • Briess Liquid malt extracts
  • Coopers liquid malt extracts and beer packs
  • Wander and Extramalt dried and liquid malt extracts
  • New Zealand, Australian, U.S.A and European Hops
  • Buon Vino Filter systems, Canada
  • Blichmann Engineering equipment U.S.A



Despite turning 37, the only thing old fashioned about us is our service. Everything else we do is market leading and the success of our website http://www.ibrew.com.au is a case in point.  Please enjoy our new online store presence and if you would like personal assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.

Jayne Lynn

John Bezer