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Ginger Beer

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Make your own full flavoured Ginger beer.

If you have no brewing equipment we suggest you select the DrinkART Kit..which will include the equipment and ginger beer pack. Once you have the necessary equipment, to brew your second batch of Ginger beer you simply need to purchase the  Ginger beer pack to make 30 bottles 

Non Alcoholic Ginger Beer: Each drinkArt Ginger Beer pack offers the home brewer the opportunity to make Sparkling ginger beer which is naturally fermented but with the minimum of alcohol. Brewed according to instructions this pack will ferment for approx 6-10 hours with a resulting alcohol content significantly less than 1%.For those who like some alcohol in their ginger beer, we recommend adding 500gm of fermentable sugar, like white sugar, or dextrose to the DrinkARt Ginger beer pack.