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Buon Vino MINI JET filter pads


The micron sizes and consistency of Buon Vino Filter Pads have been designed to give optimal performance when used with Buon Vino wine filters. The flow rate of the pump is designed to work in conjunction with the Buon Vino filter Pads to give you the best filtration possible.  There are 3 of the same type pads in a set.

  • Packet of 3 filter pads No. 1. Gross (5 micron)  $8.50  

These pads are a coarse pad, mainly used for heavy wines. These pads will produce minimal clarity in the wine. They are used as a first filtration to extract the larger suspended particles.


  • Packet of 3 filter pads No. 2 Polishing $8.50 (1 micron)  

These are finer pads and are used for the brightening and polising of the wine. you should notice a brightness and clarity. These pads remove smaller suspended particles.


  • Packet of 3 filter pads No. 3. (0.5micron) Sterile $8.50

These pads should only be used after your wine has been filtered with No. 2 pads at least once. The No 3 pads assist in removing higher quantities of the yeast in the wine and are an excellent aid in stabilising sweeter wines by removal of yeast cells that could create a secondary bottle ferment.


Buy any 10 pads, (you can have assorted types) for $75.00   advise your selection at the checkout.