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The Grainfather Brewing System

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The Grainfather is an all in one brewing system allowing the home brewer to start with crushed grain, and mash, sparge and cool all in the one unit. It gives home brewers the chance to really experiment with all grain brewing and gain control over their brewing ingredients and process. The options are limitless.

Built into the boiler is a temperature control, heating elements, recirculating pump and counter flow chiller


• Made of high quality material such as 304 grade stainless steel, tempered glass, magnetic drive pump, copper cooling coil plus more.
• 30L capacity, means it can produce approximately 23L of craft beer at one time.
• The 1800rpm magnetic drive pump helps extract all sugars in the grain giving optimal brewing efficiency.
• This breakthrough product has a unique expandable grain basket, meaning it can make both very high ABV beers (almost 10%) as well as lower ABV beers.

• digital STC 200 temperature controller.

• 2 elements installed , a smaller one for step mashes and a 2000w element for the boil

• The Counter Flow Wort Chiller is an impressive and efficient add-on - The Grainfather Counter Flow Wort Chiller runs wort through a counter flow copper coil, chilling one way while hot liquid goes the other. It chills 25L of brewing wort in under 20 minutes! It also runs the chilled wort from The Grainfather straight into a separate fermenter, without the need for pouring. Too easy!

• Another breakthrough feature, like no other before it, is that it can be changed into a pot still by fitting on the Still Spirits brand’s Alembic Pot Still setup for making your own whiskeys from grain.