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Essences & Flavourings

There are many ways to flavour spirits (vodka or neutral alcohol).  

Spirits are the result of not only capturing the unique distillate from corn and grains  but are also traditionally flavoured using herbs, fruit, nuts and spices.   An example being the famous Gins of England and Holland where Juniper berries are added, or the Italian style herbal liqueurs where secret blends of herbs and spices have been handed down through the generations to make many famous liqueurs.     

Today  the use of flavouring essences, often by home distillers (where it is legal to distil your own alcohol)  is a popular way to flavour alcohol. The range of spirit flavouring essences expands the options for a greater range of flavours and finishes to copy many of the popular style spirits that we have become use to in commercial bar products.   Where it is illegal to distill your own alcohol, the flavours of essences can be added to commercial vodka to often make a less expensive alternative to many of the commercial liqueurs and spirits.

Prestige Gin essence range

Prestige Rum essence range 

Prestige Whiskey and Bourbon essence range

Prestige Vodka essence range

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Prestige Miscellaneous essence range

Prestige Liqueur essence range

Prestige Fruity shot (schnapps) and Candy shot essence range


Still Spirits Liqueur essence range

Still Spirits Top Shelf liqueur BASES and mixes

Still Spirits 'Originals' (to make 5 litres)

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Herbs and Spices used for flavouring Spirits