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Wine Yeast strains

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Winemakers select cultured yeast strains because they want predictable fermentation with a record level of dependability.

Positive aspects of choosing pure cultured wine yeasts are 

  • Quickly begin fermentation which will inhibit "wild yeasts" in the must
  • Enhancement of a wines colour and varietal characteristics.
  • Completely utilize all fermentable sugars with a predictable sugar-to-alcohol conversion rate
  • Have an alcohol-tolerance up to 15% or even higher depending on the winemaking style
  • Have a high sulfur dioxide tolerance but low production of sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide or dimethyl sulfide.
  • Produce a minimum amount of residual acetic acid and acetaldehyde. 
  • Produce minimum foaming during fermentation which may create difficulties for cap management during maceration or cause bungs to pop out during barrel fermentation.
  • Have high levels of flocculation and less compaction  that makes racking, fining and filtering of the wine easier. 

Quality Pure Strain Winemaking Yeast

 Please note For commercial wineries, we recommend purchasing the 500gm bricks of yeast as originally packaged by the yeast company.. For home or hobby winemakers we repackage in smaller 100gm packets. These smaller packets are hygenically repacked and vacuum sealed from the 500gm bricks.  This enables home winemakers the opportunity to use specialised strains not normally available to them.