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Grape Concentrates

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drinkART grape concentrates are especially for lovers of Australian wines....

Features of these concentrates include:

  • 1 litre of concentrated grape makes 5 litres of quality wine.
    purchase the quantity of concentrate that matches the fermentation container that you have. We pack in 1 &  2 litre containers 
  • Made from 100%  Grapes grown and concentrated in Australia
  • They contain NO added sugar syrups or fruit syrups..
  • concentrates are made by an advanced system that keeps the varietal characteristics of the grape intact,
  • A wine of high quality can be made consistently every time
  • Concentrates can be frozen for year round winemaking
  • These concentrates are made for use within the commercial wine industry to add to, blend and enhance a wineries existing grape production.
  • Convenient and easy to make by the amateur home winemaker
  • Concentrates are balanced seasonally ensuring the best results 
  • Customer experimentation by blending grape varieties will still ensure an excellent result, in fact the results can be enhanced by blending grape varieties just as they are commercially. 
  • Each concentrate is supplied with a pure strain winemaking yeast that matches the style of wine.... this will either be a German SIHA Begerow yeast strain, or a Lalvin, lallemand or Enoferm yeast strain.