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Mill, Mash, Sparge


Open the following links with caution..there is no going back once you begin the 'all grain' brewing quest

Grain Mills: Millmaster, Barley crushers.

Sparging Equipment:  grain and filter bags, false & Louvre bottoms, Dip tubes and fittings, spargers, mesh screens, autosparger

Mash Paddles and stirrers

Hop Spiders and Filters: Strainers, filter bags, hop rocket, hop blockers

RIMS equipment     RIMS housing, electric element, all equipment for RIMS system

BLICHMANN Engineering BREWEASY System .

BREWERY PLUMBING: hose barbs, quick connectors, bulkheads, kettle boil valves, camlocks

Beverage Hoses,  Heat proof silicone hoses, reinforced hose, hose clips, food grade hoses, 

Temperature Controllers: Fridge thermostats, digital thermostats, analogue thermostats, heat pad thermostats, NTC probes, immersion elements

Wort Chillers; Blichmann therminator, copper immersion wort chillers. budget counterflow chillers

Wort Aeration (oxygenation) : aeration kits, aeration pumps

Pumps, racking and transfer: March pump, Rover pumps, Kegking pumps, Chugger pumps, bottle fillers, racking and syphoning

Thermometers: digital and bi metal dial thermometers

Miscellaneous equipment

Seals (rubber and silicone) ,  O rings

Brewing books

The all grain brewing experience is not for the meek and mild but for the brewer who has beer (possibly world)  domination at heart.

The followers are many, with secret meetings in 'the shed' where they plot the next brew formula.  The recipes are endless and so the brewer is set on a quest from where there is no return...the quest for better beer.

Basically what an all grain brewer is doing, is making his own fermentable malt from grain. It differs from malt extract brewing in that it    does require more dedicated equipment.  This begins with the grain mill.  If you want the freshest results, you will mill (crush)  the grain on brew day through your own grain mill.

The next process is to mix the grain with water and hold at a set temperature, which starts an enzymic process that converts  the starch in the grains into fermentable sugar..(malt sugar).  

The next step is to rinse the grains with hot water, called sparging, which rinses the hot sweet 'wort' from the grains.

Once you have collected all the sweet malty wort this is boiled with the addition of your favourite hops.

The above range of equipment is available to all grain brewers: