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RIMS equipment

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The idea behind a RIMS is that a pump recirculates the wort during the mash. In simplest terms it is a way of controlling the mash wort temperature OUTSIDE of the mash tun. Once the wort has flowed past the heating element in the RIMS  housing,   it is returned to the top of the grain bed. As the wort  filters back through the grain bed, this results in a clearer wort.  Whether crystal clear wort at this stage contributes to better beer is debatable with advocates for and against.

The downside of a RIMS is scorching the wort in a poorly controlled system.

The upside is if you have good temperature control, a better mash extraction results and also step infusions are possible.

To ensure the best results with a RIMS then choosing the right equipment  is important.  The temperature must be precisely controlled and requires  a temperature controller with temperature sensor (housed in a thermowell) and an electric heating element.

Equipment required:

  • RIMS stainless steel housing with fittings 
  • stainless steel 2200 watt electric heating rod
  • temperature controller with sensor
  • thermowell for controller sensor
  • electric pump

Below are recommended products for a RIMS system.

All items below will fit the holes in the RIMS heat stick housing.