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Grain Mills

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Just like your favourite coffee beans milled fresh,  you can't make great beer if your grain is not freshly milled

Your own mill will give you the advantage of buying grain in bulk and milling only when required.

Note: Mills sold on this web site are suitable for cracking barley, wheat and rye for brewing. Not suitable as a flour mill or for other hard grains like corn.

A course crush is recommended to expose the endosperm as grist but leaves the husks intact to act as a filter.

A too fine crush can cause a stuck sparge and high astringency.  (Many mills on the market are unsuitable for milling brewing grains, as they are designed to mill 'flour' for breadmaking.

Store your bulk whole grains in an airtight container.

Preferably don't store milled grains. (unless vacuum sealing

If required we will  MILL YOUR GRAIN using our Sommer German Malt mill.