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Distillation Assistance

Here we will be adding information and product instruction manuals and videos

Disclaimer: It must be pointed out that the information on this page and associated pages do not comprise an invitation to put into practice anything that is unlawful in the country of the reader. The distillation of alcohol in Australia is illegal without licence.The reader is urged to follow the current laws that apply where he or she lives. A little knowledge is no burden, and information makes intelligent discussion.


Still Spirits Instruction Videos...T 500 still

Still Spirits Instruction Video...AirStill




Prestige Turbo yeast FAQ

How to clear a wash

Pot distillers yeast for fruit mashes

How to make a fruit mash for pot distillation

The purpose of Raschig Rings

 Alcohol Purification with Activated Carbon

A filter bed of Activated Carbon

How to use a carbon filter column


Whisky Making from Grain:

Simple Mash in a Bag Single Malt Whiskey Recipe

Whiskey making ingredient kit