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Pot distillers yeast for fruit mashes

Pot distillation and yeast fermentation

With column distillation the goal is to produce as pure alcohol as possible from pure sugar. Pot distillation is the opposite and one ferments mash with water, sugar and fruit. The goal is to get the genuine taste from the fruit in a fruit wine with maximum alcohol content, and this will then be distilled in a pot (alembic) still without column so the fruit taste follows the alcohol.

Prestige (Sweden)  have developed a pot distiller’s yeast to achieve more alcohol; better taste and higher quality in pot distilled spirits. 

Prestige pot distillers yeast has been pH balanced to  achieve 18% alcohol, makes less volatiles and extracts more taste from the fruit.

They have ended up with Pot Distillers yeast, which ferments faster, produce more alcohol, less volatiles and get more fruit taste from the mash. To achieve this one must ferment with higher pH in the liquid and keep control of the liquid temperature.

The strain they use in the Pot Distillers yeast is a genuine clean (bacteria free) wine yeast which is used widely for fruit brandies. Furthermore, the strain is grown under sterile conditions to ensure absence of bacteria which could otherwise influence quality of alcohol produced and the % yield from sugar.