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Making Whiskey from Grain

Simple Mash In A Bag Single Malt Whiskey Recipe  (20 litre Recipe)

Recommended malted grains...Gladfield New Zealand distillers
malt grain, or Simpsons Golden Promise (Scottish) or Maris otter (U.K) pale malt grain.   Mill/crush  the grain.

    • 30 litres of water
    • 6kg Of Crushed 2 Row (Pale Malt) or equivalent malted barley
    • Whiskey yeast
    • Heat the water in the mash tun to 70C (this is called the strike water)
  • Once the strike water is at 70C add the mash bag and the crushed grains
  • Stir the grains with the mash paddle so there are no clumps or "dough balls"
  • Check the brewing thermometer and make sure the mash temperature is around 65C
  • If the temperature is low, add heat or boiling water and stir. If the temperature is too hot, add ice and stir
  • Once the mash temperature is close to 65C  add the lid and let mash for an hour. Add heat as needed while stirring to keep the temperature around 65C
  • After 60 minutes carefully pull out the mash bag and let the liquid drip back into the pot
  • Once the wort is done dripping from the mash bag, insert the immersion chiller and chill the mash to yeast pitching temperature -- normally 21 degrees but may vary depending on yeast used, but refer to your yeast packet. If you don't have an immersion chiller you can cool the mash with an ice bath
  • Take a hydrometer reading and write down the starting gravity
  • Once the mash has been chilled to yeast pitching temperature, transfer the mash with an auto-siphon to the fermentation vessel
  • Add the yeast to fermenter and then add the airlock


When fermentation is complete distill in a pot still