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Tawny (port) making kit


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This kit has the EQUIPMENT  & INGREDIENTS required to make  5 litres of Tawny (port style) wine.

This equipment in this kit can also be used for all wine, mead and cider making

The equipment kit includes

1  x Tawny concentrate including yeast and necessary ingredients to make 5 litres of Tawny.  (rapadura sugar, campden tablets, wine stabiliser supplied)

1 x 5 litre glass demijohn with swing clip lid

1 x silicone bung and airlock to fit

1 x racking cane (stainless steel rod, sediment tip, clamp and food grade beverage hose.

1 x 5 litre calibrated measuring jug (pro series made in New Zealand)

1 sachet sterilising (sanitising)  powder

1 x sachet cleaning detergent

1 x triple scale hydrometer  (alla, made in France)

1 x  calibrated glass test cylinder for hydrometer

Kit  price  $128.00