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5 litre Mead Making Kit (equipment only)


5 litre Mead kit (equipment) $95.00

Mead Making Kit..this equipment kit will get  you started making 5 litres at a time.


  • 5 litre Italian glass demijohn with flip top seal.
  • winery grade Bung and Airlock to fit
  • 5 litre PRO series polyethylene measuring jug
  • Winemakers triple scale hydrometer (made in France)
  • calibrated polyethelene hydrometer test cylinder
  • 1 x 25gm sachet Sterilising powder
  • 1 x 25gm sachet  Cold Water cleaner/detergent
  • syphon/racking outfit including stainless steel rod, rod holder, sediment tip  and food grade beverage hose
  • Book;  Making Mead by Bryan Acton and Peter Duncan.

The equipment in this kit is also suitable for home winemaking or cider making

Mead ingredients can be purchased separately ..click here

Making Mead, The art and the Science
from the American Honey Board.

shipping box size 42 x30 x 33