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Fermentis SafSpirit™ C-70


THE most popular strain with distillers.

Robust, multipurpose strain and one of the most popular with distillers.

Produces very high quality alcohol from all kinds of substrates, with subtle congeners.

Used extensively in the Caribbean and Central America for producing good quality potable alcohol and rums from sugar cane juice or molasses.

Very good performance in agave juice (mezcales and tequila). Good option for low and medium gravity grain mash fermentation.

FERMENTATION TEMPERATURE: Optimum 25°C – 33°C (77.0°F – 91.4°F). This yeast may ferment at lower temperatures with slower kinetics. At higher temperatures, this yeast may ferment with lower alcohol yields.

sold in original vacuum sealed bricks....$95.00

or repacked hygenically into 100gm vacuum sealed bags..$24.00