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Distilamax RM (493EDV) Craft Distillery Rum yeast from $24.00


Product of Lallemande Biofuels and Distilled Spirits

sold in original 500gm bricks or

repackaged into 100gm vacuum sealed sachets.

DistilaMax RM 493EDV is an active dry yeast specially selected for the use in the production of rum and other cane based spirits. Isolated in a tropical region from cane molasses, this strain demonstrates high temperature tolerance and provides a desirable congener profile for the production of rum.

DistilaMax displays highest alcohol production yields at temperatures betwen 30C to 35C. it demonstrates a short lag phase which helps it compete against contaminant bacteria. It also possesses a killer factor activity that helps keep wild yeast in check.

DistilaMax is a robust yeast that is used in both batch and semi continuous fermentations. It provides a classic rum flavour.

It is  recommended to rehydrate the yeast before utilization. To rehydrate add yeast to a 10x volume of fresh water at 40C, then stir and allow to stand for 15 minutes.  Pitching rate is generally 10 to 50gm per hectolitre.