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Alcotec Vodka Star Yeast


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Extreme Alcohol Technology. - Manufactured by Hambleton Bard Ltd, United Kingdom

Features of the Vodka Star yeast

  • Ideal for Pot distillation however works very well with reflux stills.
  • produces  a very clean pure wash every time.
  • Tolerates high temperature up to 35C
  • ideal temperature 20-25C
  • Produces alcohol in the wash to 14% using 6kg sugar.
  • Designed for sugar fermentations, however can be used for grain bases
  • Makes 25 litres of wash


For making vodka from grains, you also need enzymes to break down starch components into fermentable sugars.

If you use grains, rice or similar in the recipe – use Alcotec Vodka Turbo with GA instead and you may need to pre-treat the wash with Alpha Amylase enzyme.

  net weight 125gm