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Grainfather GCAST Bridging Device


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Finally, you can connect your Grainfather G30 to your WiFi and thus have more flexible control over your brewing - GCast is here, probably the most anticipated upgrade of the G30.

GCAST lets you break free from Bluetooth range restrictions and gives you more flexibility on your brewing day.
GCAST is a wireless device that bridges the connection between your G30 controller and the Grainfather app on your smartphone using your Wi-Fi network and gives you a more reliable connection so you can bridge with confidence

Grainfather GCast Wifi Dongle
Connection: WiFi 802.11b / g / n 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth v4.2
Material: Black Plastic
Size: 34mm x 104mm x 104mm
Power source: 5V micro USB (wall charger not included)
Power cord: Yes, 1 meter.
LED Color: RGB
Waterproof: No.
Magnet for easy mounting to magnetic surfaces