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Grainfather Conical Fermenter PRO with wireless controller


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NEW PRO MODEL is the latest Grainfather conical fermenter with an upgraded built-in wireless controller and improved digital display.

This means yoU can now connect the controller to the internet and Grainfather App, and track fermentation with automatic alerts and notifications from wherever - at work, playing golf, fishing...anywhere with an internet connection. 

Full list of features for the Conical Fermenter Pro:

  • New controller that’s built into the fermenter with wireless connectivity and improved digital display
  • 30L (7 US Gal) capacity
  • 304 stainless steel, double-walled body, for constant and stable temperature control
  • Dual valve tap for easy yeast dumping, transferring, and sampling
  • 30W, 12V heating element inside the cavity of the fermenter, which heats the environment between the fermenter walls, allowing for even/controlled increase in temperature
  • Connect the Cooling Pump Kit or Glycol Chiller to the integrated cooling sleeves that are welded to the two fermenter inner walls for even cooling
  • 60-degree (Golden Angle) cone for optimum yeast/sediment drop down, giving you a clearer beer
  • Heating capabilities that can achieve up to 10˚C higher than ambient room temperature*
  • When used with the Cooling Pump Kit or Glycol Chiller, cooling capabilities that can achieve as low as 4˚C*

*Results will vary depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Efficiency can be improved when using the Conical Fermenter Pro Insulation Jacket.

box size 39 x 39 x 100cm