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GrainMaster TASTY AS HELLES Lager kit


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The Style:
German “Helles”(meaning Pale) is similar in flavour to adjunct lagers, but has slightly more malt flavour with the introduction of Vienna malt into the grain bill.   A slight sweetness permeates with a hint of hop spiciness.  A clean, crisp, and refreshing beer with substance.  

The Grain Bill includes Bestmalz Heidelberg malt grain, Bestmalz Vienna malt grain, Acidulated malt and Carapils. NET WEIGHT OF GRAIN 4.45 KG

Hops:  40gm Magnum for the constrained bitterness and 40gm Hallertau for the traditional German aroma.  (hop weight can be altered to suit individual tastes)

Hops are added in 3 stages.

Also supplied in this kit:  Calcium Sulphate, Calcium Chloride (optional additives depending on your water profile) and Whirfloc tablets,

Yeast: 2 packets of Mangrove Jacks Bohemian lager ( for temperature controlled fermentation).  BEST results with this kit is with temperature control.

Alternatively you can request to substitute the kit with  Mangrove Jacks Californian larger if temperature control is not possible.

Instructions supplied.

Can be prepared using a BIAB method, or any of the all in one brewery systems like Guten, Brewzilla or Grainfather.  Or put to good use your own brewery system.