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Ferrari wine filter (gravity feed)


Ferrari wine filter housing and 3 sets of pads $75.00


Thankyou to Noble Grape for this information video

 This manual gravity fed unit consists of a filter housing with hoses and 1 set of each size filter pads  (gross, fine and sterile) $75.00 complete.

Because this filter relies on GRAVITY only to push liquid through the filter plates, you need to have the wine at a much higher level than the filter...the higher the liquid is situation the better the filter will work.

It is NOT a fast filter, it is slow., so if you are impatient by nature  we recommend you purchase a filter with a pump.

The filter requires 1 set (2 pads) to operate.

It is ideal for home winemakers wishing to filter around 10-50 litres of wine at a time.

Comes with filter pads

Replaceable pads come in 

V8 Gross

V16 fine

V20 sterile 

You can only use one type of pad at a time, because they have different flow rates.


box size 28 x 30 x 12cm . 2kg