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Sommer Maltmill...ready for customers milling requirements. Grain bill packs from


John has a NEW TOY which I'm planning will put him in a better mood about milling grain.   (local customers will know what I am talking about here!)

We have now taken possession of a brand new Maltman® 110 by Sommer 

John spent the day saying his new  mill is "good stuff"...but it took to the end of the day for me to realise he had actually named the mill 'Gustav' and I thought he was saying 'Good Stuff'!  

With a milling capacity of around 100-150kg an hour this will enable us to mill much larger quantities of grain more efficiently for our customers.

With the Maltman® by Sommer, the malt kernel is crushed to produce grist, whereby the flour proportion is low and the husk remains largely intact. This enables the ideal preparation of the malt specifically for the brewing or distilling process and also provides a natural filter layer for purifying. 

please phone or place your grain orders online so we can prepare your order in advance...email your grain order to jayne@ibrew.com.au

Shortly we will have a comprehensive range of beer style  pre milled grain bills on this page for customers to select. Each grain bill will make 25 litres...

click on link to purchase

(Customers can add their own preferred hops and yeast)

AMERICAN PALE ALE GRAIN BILL. milled blend of American ale malt,  Vienna  and light biscuit malts. total weight 6kg....$30.00

GERMAN KOLSCH/PILSNER GRAIN BILL: milled blend of German Pilsner malt and Vienna malt. total weight 5kg ...$25.00

more beer styles to come...