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Soda Carbonator keg lid


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This is the easy way to have soda water on tap, continuously filled from your mains water supply 

OTHER  equipment required:

Eva barrier 4mm id x 8mm od line (only use line with 4mm id as this has the thicker wall)

 This  unit makes it possible  to carbonate 10 Liters per hour if you have sufficient ability to cool the water.  The colder the water and the higher the gas pressure (from step 4) the higher the carbonation level you will have.  If you want to have extremely high soda water production speeds you can pre-chill the water by having one (or several) keg/s placed inline in front of the carbonation reactor.  This will help pre-cool the water before it enters the carbonator.  Alternatively, you can use a glycol chiller to pre-chill the water before it enters the carbonator.  If you do this you can increase your carbonation rate to over 30 liters per hour.

For full pdf instructions click here