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Prestige Whiskey Liqueur essences


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 After the unsuccessful Scottish rebellion of 1745, Bonnnie Prince Charlie was given sanctuary by a Captain McKinnon. As a token of his gratitude, the prince gave McKinnon the secret royal recipe for "an dram bruidheach" ‐ 'the drink that satisfies". The Mckinnon  family kept the knowledge under their bonnets for ages. In 1906, they finally went  public with the whisky liqueur with an anglisized version of the original name.

Although the recipe is still a dark secret, scotch whisky is the base with the addition of heather, honey, peat, herbs and spices.

Simply pour the contents of the bottle into a 750 ml bottle and then fill to 750 ml with vodka or your own spirit, give it a shake, and the magic happens.

Whisky Liqueur is a mild liqueur with a whisky and honey base. Drink in coffee or with dessert.