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Perlick Perl 680S Creamer beer tap


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Model number 680SS stainless steel with creamer.

The Perlick Perl faucet is "forward sealing", meaning the faucet seals near the spout end of the faucet, not at the rear. This allows the mechanics of the faucet to be sealed along with the beer rather than being exposed to air and becoming contaminated.

It also makes it much easier to clean.

This Stainless Steel Perlick faucet design is similar to the 680SS. Pushing this faucet handle back moves a stainless steel piston, exposing small holes. The turbulence created by beer passing through the holes produces a creamy head. When the handle is released, an internal compression spring moves the piston back, stopping the beer flow. The push-back creamer faucet enables the operator to pour the precise amount of foam every time. 

Forward sealing design. Stainless steel construction. Polished surfaces. Beautifully designed with a "P" on the front of the faucet.

Made in the U.S.A