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Gladfield German Pilsner


Newly developed from an old world style malt, GLADFIELD German Pilsner Malt is the perfect base to use with Ales and Lagers. We start with high nitrogen, plump spring barley that goes through our traditional long germination process, followed by a light kilning. This malt is designed to lauter well as well as provides a solid extract. It also allows the brewer to add in flavour and manipulate this final result. We call it here at the maltings, the ‘marshmallow malt’, sweet but no flavour.

The higher protein barley will maintain a lot of medium chain proteins that provide both body and head retention. The flavour of this malt is crisp, clean and refreshing with a lovely pale straw colour. Recommend to use this malt when brewers are looking for a clean, non‑biscuity flavour to the finish of the beer. Typical Bohemian style pilsners.

Use: Base malt for any beer style, light in colour with a clean sweet flavour.

Rate: Up to 100%