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DeltaMalt Enzyme


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Deltamalt is a purified enzyme complex system produced by the controlled fermentation of Bacillus subtilis, using only food grade materials.

Due to its excellent fermentation properties, with high product yields  it is used to produce various enzymes, such amylase and proteases. The main enzyme activities consist of Alpha Amylase, Beta Gluconase and Protease.

Ideally suited to adjunct beers, such as beers made with wheat or rice. Significantly improves run off rate and sugar extraction. 

Effect of pH. the Protease activity of Deltamalt has an optimum pH of 6.0. Under brewing conditions the enzyme is very effective at protein hydrolyses over a pH range of 5.0-&.5.

Deltamalt is used in the Brewing Industry where it is ideally suited to high inclusion of raw barley/malt mashes.

Deltamalt meets all Food Chemical Codex specifications for Food Grade Enzymes.

Dose rate is 1.5kg per tonne barley.

Sold in 100ml Amber bottles.