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Low carb enzyme Amlyo 400


100ml low carb enyzme (Amlyo 400)

(Amlyo 400  .....Amyloglucosidase preparation)   

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The addition of Amlyo to your GRAIN (in the mash tun)  converts dextrin to glucose and results in a low carb (diabetic) beer of increased alcohol strength. 

sold in 100ml amber bottles.

DESCRIPTION:  Lo-Carb Enzyme is an Amyloglucosidase preparation produced by the controlled fermentation of Aspergillus niger.  It is an amber liquid free from haze or precipitate.  Ingredients are amyloglucosidase enzyme concentrate and stabilisers.

Lo-Carb Enzyme is essentially free of transferase (transglucosidase) activity and therefore, is capable of producing a high degree of true attenuation in grain fermentation when added to the fermenter. It can be used as a primary substitute or increase attenuation permitting production of high alcohol beers.  

more information and dosage rates of Amlyo 400

(if you wish to add a low carb enzyme to a home brewing beer pack or malt extract we recommend the granular Dry enzyme..sold in 3gm sachets for 23 litres of beer,  for addition prior to pitching yeast.