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Amlyo 300 Low-Carb Enzyme

DESCRIPTION:  Amlyo 300 Lo-Carb Enzyme is an Amyloglucosidase preparation produced by the controlled fermentation of Aspergillus niger.  It is an amber liquid free from haze or precipitate.  Ingredients are amyloglucosidase enzyme concentrate and stabilisers.


 Lo-Carb Enzyme is essentially free of transferase (transglucosidase) activity and therefore, is capable of producing a high degree of true attenuation in grain fermentation when added to the fermenter. It can be used as a primary substitute or increase attenuation permitting production of high alcohol beers.  Treatment of wort with  Lo-Carb Enzyme can also result in the production of low carbohydrate diabetic beer of increased alcohol strength.


Lo-Carb Enzyme in addition to hydrolysing the predominant alpha D-(1-4) glucosidic links, can also attack the alpha -D-(1-6) branch points found in amylopectin.


Lo-Carb Enzyme is an exo-enzyme, hydrolysing single glucose units beginning at the non-reducing ends of the starch polymer.  Because of its ability to attack the branch-points, this enzyme can hydrolyse amylose, amylopectin or liquefy starch almost completely to glucose.



Activity : The temperature optimum is 70oC with > 80% activity in the range 65o-75oC.

pH: 4.0 is optimum with > 80% activity in the range pH 3.0 - 4.5


SPECIFICATIONS All analytical methods are available on request.

Activity : Amyloglucosidase GOPOD u/ml:

800 (SAM003-22)

Physical : specific gravity: 1.07 typical

pH: 4.0 typical

Heavy Metals

Total heavy metals :   <40ppm

Lead :   <10ppm

Arsenic :   <3ppm


T.V.C : <50,000/ml

Coliforms : <30 CPU/m

Salmonella : absent in 25 g

E.coli : absent in 25g

Yeast & Moulds  : <200/ml

T.E : <30ml



Brewing Industry

Mash and run off normally to the copper/kettle or to a special wort holding tank.  Adjust temperature of the wort in the cooper/holding tank to 65°C.  This temperature is important. Add AMYLO 300 at the rate of 0.06 - 0.12 kg/hectolitre to the  wort (depending on the degree of final attenuation required). Hold @ 65°C for 2-4 hours. Proceed with copper boil.

(For temperatures less than 65°C, it is suggested to either double the contact time, or double the dose rate for each 10oC drop in temperature).

STORAGE: Lo-Carb Enzyme will maintain the declared activity for 12 months when stored @ 20oC, a 1-2% drop in activity per month can occur subsequently.