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Australian Pale Ale


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All Inn Brewing Co. fresh wort kits are 15L of wort to make 20L of beer.

Beer Style: Australian pale Ale....

 Subtle malt flavour beneath a floral and citrus palate.  Dry Hop addition suggestion: MOTUEKA

DESCRIPTION: Built for surviving and thriving in the heat. A restorative concoction with a touch of wheat malt, uplifted by modern  hop varieties.



1. Decant cube into clean and sanitised fermenter.
2. Add 5 litres of water to bring volume to 20 litres.
3. Aerate, pitch yeast and add any additional hops as desired.
4. Once fermentation is complete, bottle condition or keg.
5. Enjoy responsibly.

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net weight 17kg.   40 x 29 x 17