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Excellent way to improve fruit wines


You can Improve Fruit wine recipes easily

Many wines fermented from single fruit varieties often result in wines that lack body and flavour. There are very few country style fruit wine recipes that cannot be improved by adding a quantity of pure grape concentrate before fermentation to add body and flavour. The addition of a small quantity of Austro Vino Grape concentrate in the initial fermentation, will contribute to a healthy strong fermentation by adding essential nutrients and enzymes only found in grapes and will give added body and flavour to the finished wine. The addition of grape concentate will also contribute to more rounded maturing of the wine as well.

Usually 300 to 500 ml of Austro Vino grape concentrate added to a fruit based wine to make 5 litres is sufficent to make beneficial improvements to the wine.

Austro Vino grape concentrate can be purchased in 3 litre varietal quantities (which is sufficient to make 15 litres of quality wine on its own). If only a small amount of concentate is required, once opened, you can store any unused concentrate in the fridge until required.