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 There is a wonderful selection of aromatic herbs and spices (botanicals) that can be used to flavour beer, mead and distilled spirits.

For a complete brochure on distilling with botanicals click here 

Juniper Berries: traditional flavouring for Gin. Also heavy beers, stouts and porters.

Anise:  Adds a strong black licorice flavour to specialty beers. excellent for spirit flavouring.

Licorice Root: excellent for porters and stouts. Increases head retention.

Coriander: Traditionally used in Witbeir and some Belgian beers

Ginger: Common additive in mead, dark ales and mulled wines

Lavender: Traditional mead herb

Orange Peel: Bitter orange adds flavour to Belgian Wit and spiced beers.  Sweet orange peel addas a sweet citrusy character to strong ales. Also popular as a spirit flavour

Rosehips: Gives beer a citrusy flavour and a red colour.

Cinnamon: (Cassia)  Goes well with ginger, honey and orange flavours