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Wild Winemaking, Easy and adventurous recipes


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Making wine at home just got more fun, and easier, with Richard Bender’s experiments. Whether you’re new to winemaking or a seasoned pro, you’ll find this innovative manual accessible, thanks to its focus on small batches that require minimal equipment and use an unexpected range of readily available fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. 

These 148 easy and creative home winemaking recipes forgo specialty grapes and instead use a range of readily available fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs to create combinations such as Black Currant Peach, Ginger Green Tea Sake, Vanilla Rose Petal, Plum Champagne, or even Cannibis Rhubarb wine

Book Features:

  • An easier, more fun approach for the home winemaking hobbiest.
  • The artisanal fermented beverage movement is booming.
  • Small-batch recipes offer the perfect opportunity to experiment with flavors and methods.

About the Author

Richard W. Bender has been making wine for more than 30 years with homegrown, foraged, and store-bought fruits and vegetables. A former nurseryman, he is the author of Wild Winemaking and Bountiful Bonsai and has written for Horticulture, Field & Stream, and The Herbal Companion.