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U.K. East Kent Golding Hop pellets


East Kent Goldings (EKG) is a traditional English hop variety known for its aromatic and flavor contributions to beer. It is particularly popular in English-style ales, including Bitters, Pale Ales, and Stouts. East Kent Golding hops are prized for their delicate and balanced aroma, which can include floral, earthy, and herbal notes, along with a subtle spiciness.

When using East Kent Golding hop pellets in brewing, they are typically added at various stages during the brewing process, such as during the boil for bittering or in the whirlpool for aroma and flavor. The exact timing and quantities depend on the specific beer recipe and desired flavor profile.

Overall, East Kent Golding hop pellets are a great choice for brewers looking to create traditional English-style ales or other beer styles that benefit from their unique flavor and aroma characteristics.

alpha 4.6%