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Flaked Wheat (unmalted)


Product of Blue Lake Milling, Australia

Unmalted wheat has been steamed and rolled to gelatinize its starches, making them accessible for conversion to sugars.  However, because  the grain is unmalted, It does not possess the  enzymes required for conversion to sugars, so it must be mashed with base malts.

Unmalted wheat is a common ingredient in wheat beers, including: American Wheat, Bavarian Weisse,  Belgian Lambic and Wit. It adds some starch haze and high levels of protein. Flaked wheat adds more wheat flavor "sharpness" than malted wheat. Use 0.400gm -1kg  lb. per 25 litre batch or 10% of the grain bill for non wheat beers and up to  40% of your grain bill for specialty wheat beers.

Colour (Lovibond)  2


500gm $3.95

1kg $5.50