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Simpsons U.K Mild Peat Smoked Malt


Smoked with Peat Moss this malt will provide a mild smokey aroma , the keynote flavor in Scotch whisky and other smoked whiskeys. Also excellent for smoked beer styles.

Peated malt may also occasionally be used as a very small inclusion in brewers' mashes to produce beer with a smoked character.

Peated malt is produced from conventional two-row spring pot still malt which has peat reek introduced during the kilning stage.

The peat smoke is absorbed onto the surface of the drying malt which when processed imparts the smoke or peaty flavour on the finished product.

Historically this would have taken place as peat would have been burned to fire the kilns in parts of Scotland. The malts produced today have characteristic peaty flavours and aromas originating from the phenolic compounds imparted by the peat reek.