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Angel Yellow Label Yeast from $8.50



Angel Yellow Label Yeast is a complex mix of Yeast, Rhizopus (fungi), and enzymes (Alpha-Amylase and Glucoamylase and Phytase).  The unique nature and make up of Angel Yellow Label Yeast enables you to ferment your starches without a Saccharification or cereal cook or mash step.

PACK SIZE: 500GM and 100gm (repacked and vacuum sealed)

Widely used in China and across Asia for making Baiju Rice Wines and Liquors.  In some European countries, the Yellow Label Angel Yeast is used in whisky or vodka brewing and distillation.  It is also a very popular koji starter in Russia, New Zealand and some other countries.  Yellow Label Angel Yeast makes fermentation automatic and its incredibly easy to use.  You only need your starch raw materials, such as maize, corn, rice, add some water and Yellow Label Angel Yeast, then the process will commence, therefore, it is very convenient for beginners and people looking for a no fuss fermentation before distillation.

No matter it is rice, corn, wheat or even maguey (agave) , if there is starch, the Yellow Label Angel Yeast can work well during fermentation.

Angel Leaven (yellow label angel yeast) is a specially selected high-quality alcohol yeast strain and complex nutrients and enzymes for alcohol beverage fermentation, it is suitable for the production of all kinds of starch raw materials under cooking and non-cooking process. It has the characteristics of easy to use, strong applicability, stable quality and safety.

available in 500gm vacuum sealed bricks (original packaging).  

and 100gm vacuum sealed sachets (repacked)