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Ph meter (Kegland)


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This pH Meter (aka Beverage doctor)  comes with 3 sachets of buffer powder (to make buffer solutions), and in a storage box.

Features include

Water Resistant Design 
this unit is water resistant and spashproof.

Digital Triple Point Calibration
Cheaper pH meters only have single or double point calibration.  For brewing we often operate over a large range right down to 2.5 for testing sanitiser solution and high up for alkiline cleaners.  We also need the pH meter to be accurate at the mid range for brewing.  As a result we have got triple point calibration.  The calibration is completely digital and can be done in 60 seconds.  No calibration screws that you need to turn or anything like that.  Just put the pH meter into the buffer solution that comes included and then hit the calibration button.  It's as simple as that.

Replaceable Electrode
Electrodes are vulnerable to damage if used or stored incorrectly,  Fortunately, this model ph meter has an easily replaceable probe (separate purchase).

To increase the longevity of the probe it is better to test the brewing wort after it has cooled  (crash cool a small amount). It is also important to always store the probe with storage fluid in the cap to prevent the probe from drying out.

Includes Buffer Solution
This includes 3 packs of buffer powder to make buffer solutions.  Just add water and store in a glass jam jar .

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Any good quality pH meter you get will include ATC.  This additional feature means the probe needs to have a small temp probe at the end so it can compensate for high or low temperatures.  

Water Proof Cap
The main reason why pH meters start to fail over time is they are incorrectly stored.  If your pH meter is left with a dry probe the KCL solution evaporates through the glass membrane.  This significantly will effect your results.  The cap on our pH meter has an o-ring and is a water tight seal.   To keep your electrode in best condition we recommend you clean with water then store in electrode storage solution inside the cap then push the cap on tight so it seals it up.  This will keep your readings accurate for ages.