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ikegger 2.0 Multi Gas Regulator


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The iKegger 2.0 Multi Gas Mini Regulator puts 8 years of experience, feedback, and thought into a brand-new design that covers all the bases. From pouring nitro coffee on the go to carbonating home brew at home with a full size CO2 bottle this tiny powerhouse can do it all.

It comes with a steel ball lock disconnect for easily and attractively attaching to any keg, fermenter, or accessory with a standard gas post. Also included is a swivel attachment and a one-way valve so that it can be used on a keg that is lying down! (the swivel allows you to keep the regulator upright so liquid gas doesn't damage it and the one-way valve prevents liquid from the keg from entering it and damaging it).

  • Pour with the keg upright or lying down with a twist of the regulator
  • Comes with an unthreaded inlet with bulb holder allowing you to hot swap between CO2, Nitrogen, and Creamer bulbs in seconds
  • Comes with a threaded inlet allowing you to use larger 16g and 25g CO2 bulbs
  • The threaded inlet can also be used to attach options adapters  for Sodastream 400g CO2 bottles, 2.2L Nitrogen & CO2 bottles or large refillable type 30 threaded gas bottles for a budget and environmentally friendly gas option.