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Low Carbohydrate and Gluten Free Brewing

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A growing number of home brewers are turning to Gluten free brewing for themselves, family and friends who suffer from Celiac Disease.  

BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup is the perfect brewing alternative and is made from the unmalted grain, not the cane of the white sorgum plant.  it successfully mimics the brewhouse performance of liquid malt extract because it was developed to provide the proteins and amino acids necessary for yeast nutrition, head retention and body along with the colour and flavour.   You can select BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup from the products below.



While most beers (lagers, ales)  are low carbohydrate in most instances, those who are seeking a low'carb beer should be looking more closely at the overall kiloujoule and alcohol content before it can be claimed to be a 'healthy' low-carb alternative to standard beers.

As an example a traditional beer such as Tooheys Old contains 156 kilojoules per 100 millilitres which is only 30 kilojoules more than Hahn Super dry at 126 Kilojoules per 100 millilitres.  In comparison Tooheys old has a lower alcohol content, which nutritionists say is far more healthy than a beer that is claimed to be low carb.

So the aim with low carb brewing is to brew a beer that  can not only claim to be low carbohydrate, but also has reduced alcohol and kilojoules for a really healthy alternative.

You should always consult with your medical practitioner as to the suitability of drinking beer if you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

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