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Refractometer Specific Gravity & 0-32 Brix


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high quality refractometer in a hard protective case

Adjustable focus eyepiece with rubber grip

Suitable for brewing and winemaking

has a Specific Gravity scale of 1.000 to 1.120

and  brix scale 0-32.

ATC Automatic temperature compensation 

Accuracy +/- 0.2 percent brix

Length 18cm


This hand-held optical refractometer measures the density of sugars in the solution and gives you an instant gravity reading at any point during the boil, or run off from the mash. You do not need to convert the reading from Brix to specific gravity or do an adjustments for temperature. Great for quick and frequent check on the gravity while sparging, and also for those who do not like to deal with the temperature compensation necessary with a hydrometer. Unlike a hydrometer, it only requires a very small amount sample, about 2-3 drops of sample only. This refractometer is specifically created for brewing of BEER but it can also be great for: Fruits, vegetables: monitor and control sugar concentrations in foods, beverages, crops and plants, checking the “ripeness”of fruit in the field and verifying product quality after harvesting and/or controlling concentrations during processing and packaging to ensure product quality