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Brewbrain FLOAT hydrometer and thermometer

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Float tracks your fermentation activity, temperature and SG to brew better beers.

Product of The Netherlands. 

Follow your fermentations online everywhere with the Float.
The temperature and SG changes are tracked per fermentation.
Ferment without worry and know when it is finished.

The Float connects to your WiFi network and stores all measurements in your personal my.brewbrain.nl account. Place the float in your fermenter and get insight in your fermentation directly. With the free account you can always look back at your measurements.
The Float connects to conventional WiFi networks. The battery can be recharged with a micro USB cable. Clean the Float with the same means you use to clean other brew utensils.

On the my.brewbrain.nl platform you can forward your data to the Grainfather and Brewfather platforms.

Product of The Netherlands. Designers/Engineers: Bart Van de Meer, Steve vanBennekom, Thijs Nijveldt and Eric Stricker

See below links for more information:

FAQ https://my.brewbrain.nl/FAQ

Manual- http://static.brewbrain.nl/float/FLOATMANUAL.pdf

Specifications - http://static.brewbrain.nl/float/specifications.pdf